23 Dec 2015

Best Picture of the Year Award

...for 2015 goes to this shot.

You just now when you hit the big one, baby! Just everything came together in this one photograph. The right dress, the styling, the hair, the make-up, the sexy smile. Bang! Best shot 2015!

9 Dec 2015

Thanks to my friends for volunteering to be Climate Villains - par excellence. Conquering the billboards of Paris with  #redlines, #ClimateGames #d12

 Design and slogans by the great team at 


29 Nov 2015

28 Nov 2015

Since the last Climate Summit in Copenhagen the fossil fuel industry spend several hundred millions of dollars on PR and lobbying against Climate Action.

They must have received something for their money. 

Immo Klink & Co with

1 Aug 2015

Paul Mason

One of the journalists, who still make it worth watching the TV news.
Shot for the Independent New Review.

21 Jul 2015

Anti-homeless spikes

A little direct action always helps, we thought.

I love spontaneous handshake of the of the guy sitting in front of us.